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Faeries Don'T Have To Work

Mel the Mischievous Von:
User: lazarus67
Faeries Don'T Have To Work
Completed tale of adventure,frightening nightmares, faeries, romance and good dreams.

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Æ Chronicle

Now that I'm finished, I'm mad that it's over. It takes a good book to get me riled up, so, it's a compliment for sure.

First off, your writing style in this book is nigh unto brilliance! Seriously, it is really good. It flows well with the eclectic feel, and the craziness that Mel gives it, which makes the story. I love Fantasy, and I love new things, and this is definitely one of them. I like how you took such an old,... mehr anzeigen

2 Kommentare

Thanks....Melissa is also one of my favourite girls...she is fun, smart and mischievous.
Btw...she appears in "Whisper".

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Æ Chronicle

"The stark, gloomy darkness is tugging at my being like a black hole, trying to suck my soul into its unseen vortex."

Man, I usually don't use language as 'primitive' as this, but...flipping awesome dude! I felt exactly like the phrase above, minus all the dark parts. I instantly knew I was going to like and I haven't even read past the first paragraph.

High praise all ready!

3 Kommentare

Thanks. But the story gets less glumy and becomes funny, fun, magical, and, somewhat romantic...sorry.

Æ Chronicle

No, don't worry about the imminent gloom in the beginning, that's not what drew me in, it was your brilliant descriptions.



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Gelöschter User

Just when I think my stories are good, i remember that I'm missing those witty characters as seen here. Well done ^_^

Wichtiger Beitrag

a very lovable and funny character that makes you wonder at times... ;D

Great book. I loved it... now, where is the sequel? lol.

love and hugs.

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