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User: lazarus67
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You have written a very good short story that is so very touching.

Makes me think of a relationship I was in years ago, but I had gained the victory through Christ Jesus. He is my strength and all in all.

God Bless you.

You are an excellent writer. :)

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You offered us a thoughtful view within the mind of a young girl, who was feeling so much hurt inside. She could see no other means to escape her pain. So, she sought a way out of her misery. You've captured well the essence of inner turbulence versus outer stimuli. Although the ending is sad, maybe it will remind others that there is always hope for a brighter future beyond today. You have my vote!

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Thanks again. Never expected so much lovely comments. I wrote it last night and edited it this morning. I was in a strange mood when I thought of it as I was listening to the Rolling Stones. One of their songs "Angie' became the title. And this brought to mind their other song called 'Back street girl'.

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I am quite fond of this subject... I do not want to spoil it for everyone else but I do find it quite fascinating. It was quite short but I with so few words you portrayed the reason why. Cheers and blessings!!

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