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A Dream of a Big Tree and of Poppies

User: lazarus67
A Dream of a Big Tree and of Poppies
A haunting dream.

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To answer, it's not a misprint. Even though he asks this question, he's aware that she knows his name.

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Gelöschter User

but somehow sad dream. You really know how to make even dreams special. ;D

But I really mean it: this is again a great one. But then, all your stories are awesome to me. :)

Best regards,

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So good!!!! I was not expecting that! I knew she was a ghost or something else, but not his sister!! You must like this book!

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I really liked the spider web visual. The ghost and the dream really took it to another world. Thanks, Lazarus

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Like most stories this short its substance is limited by its size, but like usual you've defeated it by lacing it with the most vivid and fantastical imagery. If I had your talent my stories wouldn't be so technical and dry. They'd be truly amazing.

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This was amazingly beautiful. I love how most of your stories have a poetic flow to them. It makes it feel as if I am reading myths and legends. The creative cover helps to add to this story's appeal as well :)

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H.Y Nept

I think I understand :) I loved how you used greek mythology, stories always seem deeper and more rooted when they search back into their path; for some reason your story reminds me of the tragic tale of Orpheus and Eurydice although I don't know why.

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