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Smile Through the Tears

User: kygirl511
Smile Through the Tears
Don't bother with this story until you've read "Tears", also by me. It's a series.
This book is the continued story of Sam and his tragic life. Sad story, happy ending.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Tears of Tragedy"
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Smile Through the Tears
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My little writing angel . . . more, just need more. I want to feel and see Sam, with Kayla, learning to love again -- give me some outings, the dance, a few movies and confrontation with Kayla and the bully before she, too, is in an accident. Both your stories are lovely, profound, moving and heartfelt...just give us more about our characters.

Sam seems so sensitive, a good young man -- does he write poetry, does he write... mehr anzeigen

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