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Football Girl

Football Girl
Amy Sweet is a normal 17 year old. That is during school hours. After school she's Daniel Carter, the new football player for the school at Clackamas High. He's a mystory to everyone besides the teachers who are all in on her little secret. When the team finds out about Amy's secret are they going to be her friends by kepping the secret, or her ememy by letting the rest of the school in on her dirtly little secret? But are the guys on the team as bad as they seemed from a girls point of veiw or is that just the way we chose to see them?(My book, my idea! Not aloud to tweek and call your own moron!!) Hope you like it!

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Riria D

Daniel carter is a rugby player . j.s

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Serious? o.o I didn't even know. lol I learned something new!


I'm glad someone notised

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cmon dont stopppp not now i gotta know what happens prettty pleaaaase pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase!?!?!?!?

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awww! what about Rosies POV! i neeeed 2 know! plz tell meh when you update this ok?

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girl u got some talent ...keep on writing cuz im here waiting to read :)

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lol yah should be thanking me to ..if it wasn't for me she wouldn't be updating this much yeah b****... lol

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