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Fire and Ice

Quest of the Phoenix (Sneak Peek) Von:
User: lms112
Fire and Ice
Join two different teens, 1 from the Ice Tribe and 1 from the Fire Tribe as they use their powers to save their Tribes from destruction, and, in the end, find something they never dreamed of finding.

Zoë is pure cold. But cold doesn’t always mean evil. In her Tribe’s land, the temperature is always cold to benefit their icy powers and to keep them alive. But, when a strange wanderer puts a spell on their land to make it warm, they must bond with the Fire tribe to keep from dying. Then Zoe’s swept away on a quest to find the wanderer with her 15th birthday just around the corner, and it looks like she might never return home.

Tom is from the Fire Tribe. Having all that heat means they have to live in a hot climate. But then someone puts a spell on the temperature and suddenly it’s not hot enough. Tom becomes part of a quest with some of the Ice Tribe to find the wanderer and break the spell. He won’t tell, but Tom knows exactly who put the spell there and why. For a new 15-year-old, that’s a lot of knowledge to cope with. This adventure has twists and turns Tom isn’t expecting.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Fire and Ice"
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Fire and Ice
Quest of the Phoenix (Sneak Peek)
Fire, ice, quest, pheonix, book 1, sneak peek
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