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Princess Charming

Princess Charming
Annabeth is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever find, though she won't boast about it as you would expect her to. She is generally loved by everyone, she is smart, funny, really loud, spontaneous, and hyper. Guys want to date her and girls want to be her. Annabeth has nice hair and a great body, but the most amazing thing about her - next to her personality - is her eyes, she has the most beautiful eyes, a bright, clear blue. Then there is her sister, who is also her best friend, Emma. Emma can be described as one of the most amazing, fun to be around, and intelligent girls a person could ever dream of. She is goofy and funny in her own way, there's some thing different about her that no other girl has, this is one of the many qualities that makes her special. Then comes Leo, the "nerd". Annabeth sees something else, though. Leo is a cute, honest, chivalrous kind of guy. He's laidback, very calm and relaxed. He found Annabeth to be different from everyone else, he found he could trust her. What happens when the two spend time after time together and grow closer? Who will fall harder, if they fall at all? Enjoy this dramatic romance with its twist and turns as the three go through their teenage years and on through their adulthood.

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