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Get me out of here...

Get me out of here...
Thorn has been given a punishment that her kind would rather suffer death then be given the punishment. Will she learn to except it?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Get me out of here"
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Get me out of here...
angel, demon, love, hate
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the book was so so so so soso so so sosososo perfect and i like it so much that i would give it a reviwe that would make it the number 1 book in the whole universe
that you will be the 1st richest person in the earth

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This was good but a little confusing. Why was Thorn punnished? What, or where was noland? Where was she when Samuel found her? You mentioned a mud floor, which indicates a hut or cave, but offered no other insight as to where she was. I'm sorry if I sound rude or mean, and I'm even sorrier for the horrible apology... =,(
Setting the flaws asdie, you've got the beginings of a great story here with strong characters and an... mehr anzeigen

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