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Lady Flame:

The Rebirth Von:
Lady Flame:
Sasha is faced with an unexpected death orchestrated by Dracula-the leader of the ghouls. She finds herself falling into a dark tunnel spiraling down. There is fire all around her and creatures bowing down at her feet. Dracula only wants to use Sasha to get a hold of the four stones of Drachmas. The person who gets a hold of the stones will have the power to kill gods and become the destroyer of nations.

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Lady Flame:
The Rebirth
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lady, flame, fantasy, fire, hero, universe, mystery
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Nowadays I prefer to read fantasies for those imaginary worlds make me feel awesome.

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Glynis Rankin

I'm loving this story. I just happen to come back to it and saw that you had add more.
Great read, but watch your spacing, some of the words are too close together.

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Glynis Rankin

This was good so far, it makes me wonder what's really going on with those stones and Victor.

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