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User: lazarus67
A beautiful shape-shifter recounting her tale to a visiting fairy friend of how she nabbed a notorious serial killer while in old England many years ago.

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1,49 US$
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Shanlynn Walker

This book sounds quite intriguing. I think I will purchase it on amazon, read it, and leave you a review. I, too, have a book published on amazon, and I know how hard it is to get reviews, so I will also share it on my feed.

For anyone reading this post, if you read this book, please leave a review on amazon, it greatly helps boost sales and will get it suggested more often, and we as authors need to help each other out. Thanks!

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Thanks. This is the only of many that I put up for sale. The others here are free to read. Check those out too.

Shanlynn Walker

I'm sure I will, Lazarus, I love to read. I did enjoy this book, I did buy it, and I did leave you a review. Thanks again, I look forward to reading more of your work.

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Gelöschter User

Great cover, I must say.

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No... I'm retired, but still need the work. I have a second loan on my hose ( about 40000$)... so I've been trying to sell my house for about one year. We want to buy something cheaper.
But other than that... I'm blessed with good friends and family.
There you go....a bit of my personal life... lol.


House.... not hose.

Gelöschter User

Thank you sharing your a bit of your personal life with me here, :)

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