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The Comet and the Three Magi

User: lazarus67
The Comet and the Three Magi
A comet's journey into history.

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A very enjoyable dramatization of the Bible story. :)

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J.C. Laird

A little late in catching up on some very worthwhile reading. Nice embellishments and twists to the beginnings of "the greatest story ever told". Nicely done, Laz.

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A new approach to a timeless tale. Fact, myth and fiction combine to create a peek into the past. It has a very 'myth' type feel to it. As always, you manage to give the reader the 'feel' of time and place. Felt like I've just had a ride on a comet! Good job Laz. Happy New Year

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Thanks Robyn

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I always look forward to your writings and your voice in them, keep writing and I'll keep reading :)

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Thanks a lot. But you may be asking too much from

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As usual Laz you're inventive and creative talents shine like a star in the sky. I loved it. and timely for me and my mood. Keep writing. Hope all is well with you. storyteller4

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A nice way to tell the Story.
Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Greetings, Eve

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