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A 'Typical' Highschool Story

A Story of Love Loss and Betrayal Von:
A 'Typical' Highschool Story
Lucy Moony is a typical 17 year old teenager who is very mature and sensible...compared to her best friend Sarah Jane and her 'A' crowd brother, Mark that is. She never gets into trouble and passes all of her classes with flying colours. I guess that's because she was raised by her two workaholic parents who are never home. Her life seemed pretty good until one terrible night at a party. When betrayed by her best friend Lucy tries to escape the party and ends up having an intimate kiss with the biggest player in school.....right before the accident.

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Omg please update I really wanna see what happens next even though this has been written a long time ago but please update xx

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Is this book going to be finished? If so will you send me a message when it's finished. Great story keep it up.

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Please.write more

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i liked this story alot but its so sad i cried when the brother died lol please write more

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