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Rose Blooming

Betrayal Blooming Von:
Rose Blooming

Rosetta has long ago forgiven the man she loves after he left her for dead.

The only problem now is that Kamet sees her as a child and the things she wants from him are far from innocent.

Rosetta will do anything to get him to look at her like the woman she is. Even take lessons on seduction from a man who claims he can help her not only get Kamet but have him on his knees.

Is he truly helping her or is she just a tool in a bigger game?


Kamet will stop at nothing to kill his twin brother Cobden. That is until Rosetta found him. But when he comes back from a war to find the sweet child he had once known was now a sedative woman. He has no choices but to have her . . . All of her.


But a secret will soon turn into betrayal. Forgiveness is hard but will love become unthinkable.


Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "A tale of Betrayal"
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Rose Blooming
Betrayal Blooming
love, betrayal, forgiveness, seduction, sex
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I am over the age of 18. Why cant i download. i did change my birth date. grrrrr

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