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Two women fighting for the attention of a new male co-worker. One woman, Jackie is very aggressive in her ways of winner and accepts this challenge. Where the other woman choose to be cool and laid back, wanting to be chossen only if the man is sincere about wanting her.

sexual, relationship
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I am back and really to give you relation, pleasure and romance. Check out my BOOK. OFFICE RELATONSHIP. Updates will be made once a week. Tks

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█▬█ ︀█ ︀▀█▀ ︀18+ ︀>>>>> WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?ladysharpbooks_1300244662.6902410984

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I never should have started reading this book. Why?? I have no idea where you are going with the plot and I have a feeling you are not going to finish it. What a tragedy! I will die of curiosity along with all the rest of your fans.

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Is this it? NO NO NO i wanna read more! lol not only this is the first book on bookrix (so far) ive read n loved! but that because it had a few grammatical errors i still wanted to read more! Please finish it. Lol Tell me when its updated please...again. :)

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I read your book on bookrix and kinda want to know how its going to end :)

Are you going to continue with the story any time soon?


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