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The Last Breath

A Paranormal Love Story Von:
The Last Breath
Kyla is an perfect girl in her perfectly perfect world. Except for her nightmares. But overall she's popular, pretty, and perfect. The three P's. Until one day her world is shattered. Her boyfriend and best friend become monsters and a mysterious boy who lies about his name comes waltzing in to her life. Kyla doesn't understand why he seems familiar, or why she knows his name isn't David. She doesn't understand, because she doesn't remember.

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Interesting. My only question would be... why would those two wait so long to kill her? They would have to get close to her, enough for Trevor to start dating her and Macie to become her best friend. You're doing a wonderful job, by the way.

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Um...I hadn't really thought about it. I'll try to explain it in Chapter 5 or 6. Thank you!

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