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Shakespeare's Dilemma

Drama isn't just in plays... Von:
Shakespeare's Dilemma
Veronica Winters was raised a Shakespeare-loving nerd. Her favorite play was Romeo & Juliet. She knew everything one could wish to know about Shakespeare and his life. Romeo & Juliet was his 13th play. William S. had a wife named Anne Hathaway and had three children. (Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith.) Hamnet and Judith were twins and the play Hamlet was a spin-off off Hamnet's life. (Sorta.) So when she joins the Shakespeare club in high school sophmore year, her life is complete. She's been a successful member of the club since then. But, now in her senior year Riley Jacobson, the school's badboy joins for nothing more than to please his parole officer. Unfazed by this turn of events, the group still read Romeo & Juliet. The club goes into a huge debate whether or not Shakespeare meant it as a joke or as a true love story. Retribution seems almost impossible.


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