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Water Under The Bridge

Just can't let it go Von:
User: taistarr
Water Under The Bridge
Kaimai tooned her friends out. She wanted a man fo’real though. She hadn’t fucked anybody for that reason only. Jermaine was just a booty call for every now and again. Strictly for phone sex.

Kaimai is swimming around in a pool of wonders,fantasizes,men and sex. She can grab any ones attention until one day she meets a gorgues man.. who just won't allow it? Twist and turns take you into a deep journey in this book. So deep you will only want the story to go on.

What's going to happend? this book will shock you to damn near death! Find out why by reading;
Water Under The Bridge, Just can't let go.

Cute, Sexy, Funny, Urban
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this was such a good book. i had tears in my eyes at the end. i cant believe she died. kaimai was a good person frm what i read na i really wish she did n kill herself.....but y did she have to die????i enjoyed this book alot..i really see what love can do to a person whyen they get ther heart broken.........

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