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User: taistarr
Evan; A seventeen year old just as normal as you are. blue eyes,goes to school has bright red hair neatly cut into a mohawk..(wait that's not normal) So who the hell is Evan? and what does she find out that makes her suddenly tip over the edge? What makes her clock.plum.nuts? and more importantly why did I just write "Clock.plum nuts" found out Whats the deal with Evan in "Evan" a story that will make you laugh,cry,wonder, and question,"What the hell.."

16&Up, Evan, Funny, Cute, Rebellious teen, X-rated
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Nice start. I liked the beginning. It seemed you were developing something between the two daughters, but it got a little diluted after she headed to school and you picked up all the other character threads... I'm sure that your story, when finished, will tie it all together.

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