Horrible Us

Love gone wrong... Von:
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Horrible Us
I was tired of this. Everything he did to me, hurt me. But I still loved him. Our love would never end. Or maybe it would. Everything he did to me, hurt me emotionally and physically. Whenever he slapped or punched me, I was too scared to fight back. Too scared to just break away from him. I was afraid that he would abuse me all over again.

Bad Romance, Love, Fighting
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Suri's Library

I like it :)
I feel so sorry for her though :(

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Jay Babee

I like it so far but with some revision and editing it would be really amazing ♥

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Gelöschter User

It was a good idea, but the story got lost. I'm sure if you took the time to revise it, it would be amazing.

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I voted for your book, because the story was good. It was well thought out, and well written.

The two things, if you want people to vote for your book, you might consider putting a link to your book in the request for votes. That way it is less work to find and read your book.

The other thing, the background, and the red type together made the book hard to read, and hard on the eyes.

You should change one or the other to make it... mehr anzeigen

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Review - This was a quick and simple story that spoke of a very sad subject. You did a good job of showing the vicious cycle of of how the victims are pulled in again and again. Your victim finds the strength to pull away, to start the healing process. I liked how you put a goodly amount of her thought process of missing her parents and feeling alone. It needs a bit more of a turning point, more of thought process of why she... mehr anzeigen

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