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My Dark Knight

The Beginning Von:
My Dark Knight
After the loss of her Father many years ago, sixteen year old Gabriella Moretti has to be her Mother's hold on sanity. Gabriella is very much on her own, especially when her sister, Cora, is going to leave. Things seem to be tough already, but Gabriella's mother throws in a complication- A body guard. As the story goes on, Gabriella and Andrei develop a relationship, hesitantly. Gabriella wants to remove the mask Andrei has on and know who he is. Andrei on the other hand is being difficult. There are deep secrets about who he is and what he knows and telling her would mean bringing her into his dangerous life.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "My Dark Knight"
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My Dark Knight
The Beginning
Vampire, Romance, Mystery
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Are u still going to write on this book? It's really sad that you've kept us waiting. Please let us know if you'll write on it. And then do it. This is the awesomest book I've ever read so please I read it a year ago come on

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Wichtiger Beitrag

I,m seriously loving this story and I'm just curious to know what's going to happen next...please finish it..I love your book

Wichtiger Beitrag

PLEASE keep on writting...I swear this is like one of my favorite books...I wanna know what happens next..please.. this is soooo torturous..

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Gelöschter User

NO! don't stop please write more i beg you it so amazing! I love it. Write more for those people who like it so for me and alot of other people!

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