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A Snipper, in danger will she face the terror that builds up a war against the people that want her dead. Von:
User: queen

It was morning, something that I dreaded I couldn’t believe it was time; it only seemed like a week ago, when my father told me I was a Sniper. I could remember each scene, as he told me, I Lexis Alice Zane, is a Sniper. As he stood there behind the house telling me to take a seat, “Honey, I need to tell you something”, he sighed “You’re a Sniper”, and I looked at him confused, what the heck is a Sniper? Is it werewolf?


Lexis a ordaniry girl, but to the people she trust they know she's way more than that, thats there alpha, the most powerful beast of them all, she goes into war, which she faces danger, and hard decisions that cause heart break and anger.


*Can't download*

* Not Finished*

*probaly needs more edditing email me if you find a mistake, trust me i won't cry.*


*New chapter each day*

*could be a sequal*

for more updates and sneakpeaks check

Drama, Action, War, Fanasty, Romace?, Family, Friends, Terror
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