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I Do!

a girl a boy matched up for the right reasons but for the wrong ones for them will they ever find love? Von:
User: queen
I Do!

this is a book of anventure, it took me a while but Eliza didn't want to be married but endded up with the right person Jason a jerk who became in love he changed his soul and took care of his pack even when he was angry, bad things happen but he still protected in love his soon to be wife.


Elizabeth Marina Capstone-King;Eliza

Jason Pierre King;Jay

Vanessa Marie King;Nes

Jonathon Pier King;John


Leandra Sky King; Andra



Krystal;Eliza's best friend

Leo; Jays bro

Snady, Alsae; Nes bestfriends 

Mat; Driver

Haden; Vampire

Mum; Eliza's mother; Angel Marina Capstone


*Can't download till its fully done and eddited;add me for sneak peaks, email me for more information*

*new book on my page check it out*

for more updates and sneak peeks check

Probaly needs more editing email me if you find a mistake 

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Wichtiger Beitrag
Leandra A

hmm for some reason I fell in love at first sight for the character "Leandra Sky king; Andra".. I wonder why XD

I haven't finished reading this book but I really think this is cool ^_^ <3

- Leandra A

1 Kommentar

Thank you xD

Wichtiger Beitrag

I really like this book they should get married in the next chapter and when they really love each other get married again but without being force and he should start to gain her respect by being nice he should feel like he would have to change for the better if he wants her to love him

1 Kommentar

Awe thanks Xoxo

Wichtiger Beitrag
Gelöschter User

Update please

2 Kommentare
Dieser Kommentar wurde gelöscht.

I updated a few hours back "I'm sorry" new chapter will come out tommorow

Wichtiger Beitrag
Leandra A

the book looks promising... i love reading stories with arranged marriage plots :)

2 Kommentare

Oh same it makes it cool to see how it will turn up if they will fall in love next few chapters come out tomorrow if u still want to read

Leandra A

sure keep up the good work :)

Wichtiger Beitrag

I feel like they should talk about the wedding and probaly take a walk in the forest. by the way amazing book

3 Kommentare

Wounderful idea i like that and thank you :)


Thanks for the idea i have used the walk in the forest ill save the wedding talking lader i'll send you a sneek peak.


thank you i liked the way you explained the forest and the way you decribe things its very good

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