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How to Spell Pray (Prey)

User: larakaye
How to Spell Pray (Prey)
On the intimacies of Munchausen syndrome

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Very powerful little story with different meanings that sound alike. You worked them in as a thought and at the same time your descriptive words held me to the story. It told it all./joeparent(eye) voted.

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Hello L4ra,

I just intercepted your transmission, and found it to be chilling. robottina enjoyed the homonyms in parentheses, since they gave an alternative syntax, creating ambiguity to the true intent.

Good job,

Wichtiger Beitrag

I like this a lot. I'm not sure if I get the significance of the spelling thing? Where you put alternate spellings in parenthesis - I'd need that explained to me. But other than that, your writing style is fantastic - simple and elegant. The frank way the story depicts such a messed up situation creates a nice shocking effect that kept me curious.

I'd almost advise against broadcasting that it was going to be a Munchausen... mehr anzeigen

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What an honest account of a topic so often swept under the rug. One cannot help but appreciate the raw emotions of the characters involved. Beautifully written.

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Hi Lara,

1st - quick note, rules and regs for 'Family Stories' contest says you need a front cover, I'm sure. It would be awful if they disqualified on that basis. :)

I read your story. Your beginning was thought provoking and I loved the play on words throughout. You maintained tense throughout, your pace was steady and your tone consistent. You did so well in 'showing' your story, not just 'telling'.

I also liked the way you... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you for participating in our short
story writing contest "Family Stories".

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