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The End

User: pfenyx
The End
'No noise that I could hear anywhere else, so I'm guessing no one else is alive and well.'

The apocolypse has struck, a teenage girl struggles to stay alive in the carnage and loneliness that surrounds her.

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Greensboro, NC

Thank you. It is 53 years since the middle started to collapse.
I am 70 and think these are still the best of times.
You are so correct on the discussion we should be having.
Canadian historian philosopher, writer, lecturer and public intellectual John
Ralston Saul wrote The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World
in 2005.
It is a good place to begin talking about how the guardians of the... mehr anzeigen

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I'm cruising along, enjoying the narrator's voice immensely, anticipating a GREAT story, and then, oops...I fall off the edge of the cliff! Yikes!
I'm anxious to see the coming pages, Laura :)!

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There's a lot of potential in this. That opening section really catches the attention and draws the reader in, but I felt chopped off. There was a hook, and there was a beginning, but I kept waiting for my computer to load the other pages. Will you be writing more? I hope so... This looks to be a great book. :)

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Oh, of course I'm writing right this minute!!!

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