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On the Clock

The Half-Baked Tale of a Life, Half-Lived Von:
On the Clock
When a big enough storm hits anywhere in the country, a catastrophe adjuster's planned vacation gets unplanned. And quick. That is how it is. And that is how Marty had lived his entire career. You work when there is work. You never know how long it will last. When it ends, you never know when it will start again.

Welcome to the stressful world of catastrophe claims adjusting and the colorful, hard-edged characters who occupy it.

Welcome to Martine Pantonelli's world.

This is where Marty lives. This is where Marty thrives.

Or is it?

A perturbed boss, baffled coworkers, frantic ex-wife, and distraught daughter are desperately seeking to find the answer to one increasingly mystifying question...

Where is Marty?

As the clock ticks, the search intensifies, the mystery deepens.

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Really great story... so far? Is there more? It really doesn't seem like an ending! I was just getting into it. Also, I think your blurb should be re-written, it really doesn't explain enough about what the story is about and the story is quite good!

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