I Love You

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I Love You
Three Stories of sad/happy romance.
Includes so far: Goobye , Misunderstanding, and Peice of You.
Goodbye: Samantha(Sam)loves her boyfriend, Eric. But sam has a secret. Sam stops coming to school for a week, and Eric is worried. Sam dumps him, and they are both heartbroken. Sam is convinced it's for the best, remembering her little secret. Eric finds it out, and looks for her. But it's too late...

Misunderstanding: Erica and James love eachother. he has to move, and she is very depressed. Then she hears about the plane crash, the plane Jamees was supposed to be on, and she is so depressed she cant take it. Then a phonecall comes in...

peice of you: Jenny and Alex have been through a lot in their relationship, with btoh of thier parents not approving. One night after Jenny and Alex get caqught together in her bedroom, he leaves and something drastic happens and Jenny is crushed.three months later, she is still depressed. then she finds something that helps her cope...a piece of him.

misunderstanding, love, sad, death
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okay guys, i understand some of you may want to yell at me for my endings in this book, and i am deeply sorry if you wanted it to be a happy ending.I usually hate sad endings, and can't write them, and so me being able to do this is remarkable in its own. Again, I am very sorry. I am thinking about making alternate endings for this book, with happier endings, but i will only be doing this if i get many votes to do it. Thank you for reading,

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Hate is a hard emotion to deal with.

But the real truth is, that Love can be even harder.

The only difference is that love is worth the risk.


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the first story is kinda like a forward I got couple times. You should make it a longer story tho.

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