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Beaten. all her life, Katie Thomas has been beaten. Always told she didn't do something right. Her step-dad raped and beat her from when she was 9 until she was 16.
then to an abuisive husband, she is again beaten and tore down. She believes it's her fault, she doesnt do the right things.
Will Katie ever gave some self-confidence and get away from the guys that hurt her? or will she just be obsessed with doing 'the right thing'?

beaten, the right thing, abuse, rape
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Please finish this it is good by now

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The storyline begins amazingly. You should continue but first try to correct grammar mistakes like capitalism, correct spelling, and punctuation. Update me when you continue. :)

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yo book was iight u should have kept going it started off good and ended up horridle by not finnishing withe at lest 2 pages but over all i loved it

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