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Some Scars Don't Heal

User: kbggirl
Some Scars Don't Heal
You ever had an experence that you never got over? well ive had tons. and i still feel the pain.but maybe this will help.

grief, pain, accepting, hurt
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Very brave book! I experienced alot of the same but couldve never done this at such a young age

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I especially liked the last 3 sentences. The scars may not heal, but if you just be yourself, it will be okay.

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You put into words what I couldn't. Not the exact people but I so related to the last situation.You hit the nail on the head and I applaud you for being able to write so frank and true! It might not have happened to you but you sure know how a person feels before, during and after. Healing is possible, I know it happened to me, thank God! :)

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it has happened to me

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It is hard to believe someone you love and trusted, could do this to a girl so innocent and pure. You must not blame yourself, Kylie xx

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Well it seems like they don't heal. The truth is most scars Heal, but the never go away. They are always there to remind you of the hurt. But, if you let them, they will get less painful with time.

I would like to see more of this story, because it touches me, where my hurt is.

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John couldn't have said it any better. So all I can do is add to his comment.
Your poured your heart and soul into those poems, and I'm glad you did. In their pain they are beautiful.
I once, long ago, remember this pain. But your life, circumstances and outlook do change, thank heavens.
You are accepted here. You are understood here through your words. Keep writing, keep letting the world see the beautiful soul that hides... mehr anzeigen

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Are you really 11 years old. If this work is about the things that have happened in your life then it is quite disturbing. I do like dark pieces and yes i've been rock bottom 19 years old and i'm 30 now. But no matter how old you are, you must remember one thing. Life is life. If it helps to write about these things then do it. But please remember that there is good in life no matter how small and you will always mean... mehr anzeigen

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Other than missing capital letters and punctuation you had some beautiful work.

Make sure to correct those mistakes. It's very important in writing to be correct with grammar, punctuation, etc. Sometimes more so than that contest of the story.

Good work!

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I too have been through the pain of not feeling accepted for who you really are. Everyone goes throughout, just others are better at dealing with it and hiding it. It amazes me how perfectly you described all the feelings I once, and still kind of, feel. You are a wonderfully talented writer and I can't wait to read some more!!! :)

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