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I Never Thought it Would Happen to me

no one ever does... Von:
User: kbggirl
I Never Thought it Would Happen to me
No one ever thinks it would happen to them. you see the girls on telivision, dead or raped or both, and you say oh id never be that stupid! i was one of those people. and i found out, its not a fact of being stupid. bad things happen to everyone. even me, and you.

rape, pain, pregnancy
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More please!! What happens to Mr. Rogers? Does he go to jail?

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Do want any co-writers .
I love your book.
Please write back soon .
Somethings are very deep like you saying she got raped and was pregnant . This is
very deep,I love the book so much .

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I would love to read it, but all I get is blank pages?

I'll read and comment when I can read.

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i thought it was verry well writen and honestly open. i know the dreams and the fear oh too well. perfectly understanding.

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thank you, i worked really hard on it

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Gelöschter User

It is such a sad piece from such a young & charming girl, but so well written. You really have a way with words.

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to hear its really awlful when adults hurt chidren

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being one of those victims firsthand, i know its awful

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You have a very good seed of a beginning. Now, you need to flesh this out. Fill in the background, go on with the story. Show how your character grows and deals with this trauma and pregnancy. I don't know where you get your book covers but they are very good. Your writing grabs emotions and portrays them well. Outside of the usual editing that is needed, you do well. Robynn

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It amazes me how good of a dramatic writer you are! I really really hope you pursue a career in writing or something because (again) you are amazing!

1 Kommentar

thank you so much, and one day i do hope to pursue a career in writing.thank you so much!!! :-)

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