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I'm In Love, Deal With It!

Forbidden Love Von:
User: kbggirl
I'm In Love, Deal With It!
Anna Young has been eagerly imagining the day she would meet her mate, and they would live happily ever after.

Then she walks into English one day, and meets the new teacher, Mr.Watson. And she instntly knows, he is her mate.

"i shook his hand, and millions of emotions flashed through me. Pain, love, relief, love. LOVE?! i felt an urge to kiss him and show everyone he was mine. a possesive urge.then i knew. He was my mate.God help us both"

**this is a fan fiction of all those stories where the girl falls for the teacher

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Secret Love"
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Please write more

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Tala Nightwolf

good so far please finish!! Heck cant even type fright ooop ugh I like it so far cant wait to read rest lol

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me too! its so annoying cause everyone says this book is great and i really wanna read it!

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Trying to read book but all i get is a blank page, not even a book cover???

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you're certainly a better writer than I was at 11. This writing actually sounds like the house of night sereies. I didn't read the whole series but I think you'd like it.

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