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Fallen Angel

User: kbggirl
Fallen Angel
I used to be an angel. My best friend's guardian angel as a matter of fact. For years i protected her, without her even relising it.
then she got this boyfriend, brandon. and he RUINED my life! he made me fail. I failed my assignment, and God threw me out, no longer able to be anyone's guardian angel.
I am now, a fallen angel.

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Review - What you have started is interesting. Nice idea. You might have had more pages at one time, but I wasn't able to read anymore than she got an assignment, her best friend.

I would be interested in reading more of this story when you have added to it. Nice job. Robynn

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you have to keep turning pages cus some times it does that and this book sounds realy gd

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i LUV IT!!! And I cant believe u made the boyfriend Brandon !!! His he really that creepy ?? Anyway I Luv It

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So far all i got was a blank page?

Perhaps you haven't gotten it up all the way quite yet.

I look forward to reading it when you do.

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