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ZHP disease is spreading quickly... Von:
User: kbggirl
How to survive, when you can no longer trust anyone, When almost your whole city is contaminated by ZHP disease? How do you survive, not knowing who will kill you and who won't?
These are the thoughts running through seventeen-year old Jayden's mind, as she has to leave her home, and try to rid her city of the highly contagous disease, ZHP disease, before it spreads across the world, and kills everyone, or drives them mad. Her parents have already been driven crazy, by the disease,and shes had to lock them up , and she has no one she can trust. By chance, she stumbles across a familiar face from school, who proves to her that he isn't contaminated. his name is Zach. the one person in the world she can trsut right now.

eventually, Jayden and Zach discover the way to kill the people with ZPH disease, they discover this even before the authorities.

Jayden and Zach have to kill everyone contaminated, before it spreads across their city, then state, then country, and eventually the world. will they suceed, and survive, or will they die trying?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Horror"
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ZHP disease is spreading quickly...
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Hiya, I'd recommend using a smaller font, just saying. Anyways its a good start to your book. I loved the whole diesease idea, love these kinds of books :) Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to read a couple more of your works.

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I have only part read this, but it has a great feel to it, a cross between Ray Bradbury and the film 28 days later.
Well done

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Just remember there are many books out on the market right now and even on here that are about some type of disease that kills the entire world. If you've never read The Forest of Hands and Teeth it also has two more books I just read and they are very good. Do whatever you think and I will try to get to it eventually. Like I told you earlier I am doing the Christmas stuff right now, plus my own writing and trying to catch up... mehr anzeigen

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