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The Tales of the Truth--Ouija Board

The Tales of the Truth--Ouija Board
This story is about the tales of the Ouija Board. It's all real, or is it?? Decide the truth for yourself, and maybe you'll turn into a believer after you read this exciting story of the Ouija Board....

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secaucus, nj

It's funny that to even have a chance of winning, a Democrat has to come out
opposed to Nancy Pelosi being their leader in the House. But please stay this
obstinate, House Democrats. Her picture doesn't even need a caption to work
for the patriotic and religious voters.


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i LOVE this book! it's to true and awesome ! i was curious to play one and now i'm ready. something may happen but oh well !! (:

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This is perfect. It has such great potental to become something so much more then a small book. I loved it. I have personaly played with Ouija boards and they are exteremly horred things. I love the scare though. Never got into contact with one. I hope this wasn't based off a true story because if it was.. well all that more terrifying.

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