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Dying to Live

User: Narwhals!
Dying to Live

“They say it started someplace in China, accidentally created by an elementary teacher who had once taught biology as a professor at some college. They think he may have been studying different fatal diseases during his own time. They got mixed up or something, and now no one knows how to stop it.” Alli Foxon is living in a dying world. A new sickness with no cure is spreading and nobody seems to know how to stop it. Millions have allready died, yet this is just the begining. On an untimely trip with her homeroom to the Massenuten Ski Slopes, Alli and her class are forsed to outwait a snowstorm in an empty cabin. The biggest wave of deaths is expected while the group of highschoolers are stranded, and Alli will have to learn what it means to stand up, push her problems aside and be a leader if any of them are going to survive.

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