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Love, Pain, and Loss

Love, Pain, and Loss
3 very short story pieces about true love, pain, and the loss of someone you love.

Love, pain, loss, death, abuse, lust, relationships
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I felt so much of your pain. Serena

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Alikzandria James

I appreciate your kind words :) I always am my toughest critic...I thought it was not good because I had to leave out so much, so I thank you for being able to see/feel what I was trying to get across.
Those three emotions are ones that everyone has felt (at least one of them) or has known someone who has. They can be very conflicting/confusing emotions but are always very powerful emotions as well. :)

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1st of all...well written. much data and emotion is such short verses.
Loved and lost...yes, Lost my parents,and brother-in-law... but did not have to make any such tough decisions.
Never been viotated, nor have known anyone who had...BUT I can empathize and sympathize.

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