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Fantasy, Ecstasy, Reality

Fantasy, Ecstasy, Reality
How fantasy and true ecstasy are far from one woman's reality

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Alikzandria James

Thank you for your opinion on my book. I was just hoping that people would feel the emotions I was trying to get out. :)

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Alikzandria James

Yeah, it is the same children's writer! I decided to go outside of my regular zone for this one. I say 'reality' because the scenes she invisions in her mind (fantasy, ecstasy) are what she wants and the end is what is real, what she is living and experiencing in her actual life...her 'reality'. Thanks for the kind words :) I was a bit nervous posting this one because it is kind of 'out there' for me. I have a lot of this... mehr anzeigen

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I had to double check you were the same writer of the children's story I so loved.

The emotions can readily be embraced and that was one of the most sensual love scenes I've read in a long, long time...the character lapsing into melancholy is so sad.

Being one of optimistic outlook, I would see the ending as more of a self fulfilling prophesy than a reality.

All I can say is great job!...p

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Alikzandria James

Thank you for your feedback. I did change the rating and made it viewable to all. I am glad you felt the emotions I was trying to convey, that you felt her desires, her wants, her needs, and the deflating of her fantasy as she came back to her reality...her nightmare, if you will. I often doubt my ability to get the reader to fully embrace the character and their emotions. To actually feel as if they were the person in the... mehr anzeigen

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Wow, such emotion.
First of is very sensual, beautiful and sad...but it should not be X-rated. This must be read by all.
At first I felt the love, the yearning, then the sad dissapointment of your reality. I'm sure many of your readers can easily identify with such emotions.
And....daisies are beautiful.

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