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Select Speeches Of Kossuth (fiscle part- 4)

User: silviya
Select Speeches Of Kossuth (fiscle part- 4)

[_First Extract: From Kossuth'S Speech At The Guildhall, London, Oct.
30Th_, 1851.]

The Time Draws Near, When A Radical Change Must Take Place For The Whole
World In the Management Of Diplomacy. Its Basis Has Been Secrecy:
Therein Is The Triumph Of Absolutism, And The Misfortune Of A Free
People. This Has Won Its Way Not In england Only, But Throughout The
Whole World, Even Where Not A Penny Of The National Property Can Be
Disposed of Without Public Consent. It Surely Is Dangerous To The
Interests Of The Country And To Constitutional Liberty, To Allow Such A
Secrecy, That The People Not Only Should Not Know How Its Interests Are
Being Dealt With, But That After The Crisis Is Passed, The Minister
Should Inform Them: "The Dinner Has Been Prepared,--And Eaten; And The
People Has Nothing To Do, But Digest The Consequences." What Is The
Principle Of All Evil In europe? The Encroaching Spirit Of Russia.--And
By What Power Has Russia Become So Mighty? By Its Arms?--No: The Arms
Of Russia Are Below Those Of Many Powers. It Has Become Almost
Omnipotent,--At Least Very Dangerous To Liberty,--By Diplomatic
Intrigues. Now Against The Secret Intrigues Of Diplomacy There Is No
Surer Safeguard, Or More Powerful Counteraction, Than Public Discussion.
This Must Be Opposed to Intrigues, And Intrigues Are Then Of No Weight
In The Destinies Of Humanity.

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