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LSD trilogy - part 3 Von:

Sequel to Part 1 and 2 of the LSD trilogy.

Serena thought she had finished with her past, but these strange nightmares try to tell her otherwise. Why are they coming back now, when she is perfectly getting along with Jenny or David? On top of all she begins doubt her sense of reality. What is happening to them?
Final part of the LSD trilogy.
Read with caution, some bad language, but nothing too serious.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "LSD trilogy"
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Damn that is so sad I cried .... please I beg write a sequel it can't end like this its too sad

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this book brought me to TEARS and let me tell u I'm not a very emotional person. I loved it!!!!

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This trilogy was really good. I enjoyed reading it. But in some sections i felt like it was skipping around, and it was a little confusing when it would suddenly change character views in the middle of a sentence or paragraph.

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this book is enthusiastic. you are destined with greatness at writing. i need more of these please. i know you need more time but i'm running out of patience. keep writing.
Good Luck

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it was great!i loved it, and it made me feel heartbroken. hope you make a different series like it.

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