Funny Poems

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Funny Poems

Found some funny poems, wanted toe share! Hope you enjoy:)

I found these poems, and they made me laugh, so hopefully they will make you laugh too.:)

Please send me feedback/ suggestions/ book recommendations 

Thanks for reading, and once again,please enjoy!!!!!:) 

Lmao there has to be a minimum of 82 characters, so sorry if it's long, and if you are still reading it....:) please read my other books, I'm new, and I'm not the best writer:) so....anyway thanks for reading, just flip to the net page door the good stuff!!!!This book is dedicated to those who haven't laughed in a while:)

I found these poems, and they made me laugh, so hopefully they will make 


Funny poems
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Arianna Waters

'WHY ENGLISH IS SO HARD TO LEARN' is really funny! Please add more to the book!!

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Haha yes you're right!


how do you go to your favorites

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By searching for the book then if you look under you see favourite

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