La La

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La La
This is ANOTER MUST READ! I've given you just enough that you will surely inbox me wanting the rest! Everyone in this story needs to be saved! Is your mind capable of comprehending everything that is about to happen in this story? And again, I end this story just where a whole nother roller coaster begins! Please read this story and give me your thoughts! This story takes place in a transitioning inner city neighborhood. The main character Ladia adopted the nickname La La for her love of music and her angelic voice. She is forced to be the nucleus that holds her family together though she is just a teenager herself. Ladia has big dreams of becoming a professional singer and she finds herself literally fighting to make her dreams reality. She faces tremendous obstacles that can be summed up as life or death decisions. Ladia comes face to face with hate, death, betrayal, drugs amid smiles, joy, laughter and love. At times this story gets so graphic that it will make the reader want to put the book down but like a moth to a flame the reader won’t put it down in order to satisfy the burning desire to see what happens next.

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Hi Joeparente! From your picture (call me prejudice in a way as to whom I think might enjoy my writings!!) :) I thought that that one might be a bit much for you.. that's why I suggested Amnesty!! LOL! However, I'm glad you took a chance on La La! It is an excellent story.. But the setting kinda calls for the intensity.. I'm sorry.. kinda.. but for some reason that story lived in me just that way and I had to get it out and I... mehr anzeigen

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Strong story. I was not taken back by the language. In fact it fit the story well. The overuse of 'ass' was a little much. Not because of the word just the overuse of it.
Good story and it held my interest. Dialog was excellent along with imagination. Congratulations on a work well done./joeparente

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