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The Elementals #2

Malevolent Forces Von:
The Elementals #2
Lyra is finally coming to terms with her new life in Caswan with the West family. She is learning her duties, on how to be a princess and even a queen. Thayer and her are going along the right path, for their wedding, which is planned for next month. It's when an invitation in the mail, for Edmund Holt's funeral (AKA The King of Spridge) arrives in Caswan, that things take a turn for the worst. Going back home to Spridge means, Lyra, will have to see her family, friends, and Elijah, after all the time she has spent ignoring them. Trying to forget about her soul mate and friends. Once Lyra and the West family arrive back in Spriddge, trouble stirs again. And Lyra realizes there is a dark evil at work in home land, and the queen is causing it all.

Taking a deep breath I stand up gripping Thayer's hand we find our way out of the garden. Walking through the castle I smile at all the good memories, and it make my heart ache more. Before we actually go to the throne room where everything is being held I show him to the study, where I was almost killed the first time. I explain that day to him, telling him everything even Tatum. Thayer and Tatum are actually friends!

"You're going to see her today." I hear Rashell's voice, and I look to the door. It's wide open!

"Yes, I know Rashell." I hear his voice, and my breath is taken away. "Remember though, you are to cause no harm to her or her Fiancé."

"Only if you stay away from the girl, Elijah." Rashell replies.

"Lyra is engaged, Rashell with your orders. She probably wont even let me near her." He says.

"If I see you even talking to her Elijah, you know what will happen." Rashell warns. Their voices getting closer and closer. "Lyra will die, and I'll make you watch."

"I wont let that happen." he says just as they become visible though the door. Thayer is gripping my hand, now obviously listening. I never told him about Elijah, I don't know how much of this is making since to him. "I love her." he says. My heart rate speeds and I know he will sense me here.

"I don't care!" Rashell pushes him against the wall. "You are not aloud to even look at her! Got it?" She hisses.

"Yes, my queen." He replies still calm and collected.

"Good, now lets go say goodbye to my husband." she smiles. Then they disappear down the hall.

"Care to explain." Thayer asks, and I gulp. God, my life is on the line here! I squeeze Thayer, wishing Chase wouldn't have found me again.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Elementals"
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I love the way you write your stories. It makes me look forward to what will happen next.
There are some proof reading needed though but it's still good and understandable.
Btw, there's no update up until now???

Wichtiger Beitrag

When r u going to post the third book of The Elementals , I LOVE IT SO MUCH, What will Lyra do next? I have so many questions on my mind right now!

Wichtiger Beitrag

Ooh drama alert!!

1 Kommentar

You need to write another book. The suspicion is killing me!!!

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