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Sinning in L.A

User: Kezia Q.
Sinning in L.A

Katherine has been suffering, since her mom started taking pills and becoming addicted, her dad left home, then she started working to help her mom and pay the bills, She wanted to go to Georgetown, but all changed when they didn't accept her, it just added more drama in her life, with the help of her best friend she got back in her feet again, Trisha went to college in L.A after graduation, leaving Kath in South Dakota.
Katherine decides to go to L.A, but she is not welcomed the way she expected by Trisha.
She meets a guy in the beach, his name is Alexander, he is rich, gorgeous, and the best thing she have ever seen, they have a moment together, but then she ran away from him, she will also meet Christopher, he will help her to get back in her feet again, offering a job in the mansion he is working, she got the job, but soon she will know that Alexander is her boss's son, it is gonna start a drama around these three characters.... She will discover something about Alexander that will rock their relationship.

NOTE: I need your feedback to keep on upadating the book!!!

Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag

I enjoyed it and can not wait for the next update.

1 Kommentar
Kezia Q.

soon i will update this one.. thanks a lot!!!

Wichtiger Beitrag

WOOOOW it is a perfect book !! UPDATE NOW!
Thank you... xo

1 Kommentar
Kezia Q.

Thanks, it means a lot to me ;)
I will update soon. <3

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