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The Typewriter

Sometimes writer's block can be fatal.. Von:
User: kaorou
The Typewriter
In search of inspiration, one man's writer's block takes a turn for the worse.

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Hi Kaorou,

I love your opening. You voice is confident, like a true storyteller. I think your story might be a bit easier to read if you created some space between each paragraph.

Love the story idea, very Stephen Kingian.

Some editing tips below:

Pg 5: I'm not sure on your sentence meaning ...Although hidden behind the splintery main beam, Baxter already knew it wait. Also, I wonder if fold-out, is such an oft used term that it... mehr anzeigen

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george g asztalos

the stop of the inspiration can't be that dreadfull in real life but in fiction, in this self-destroing story everitying is posibble. liked it and voted for it. maybe you do the same with my entry to the contest called "Zoon Poetikon". thanx for all and good luck!

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I'm glad you enjoyed it, but you may be disappointed in the other, totally different genre. Have a couple more horrors that I need to work on before posting here, but yours and comments like yours have given me the boost of confidence to get editing!

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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A great story with lots of description. This was a masterpiece of writing. Horror at it's best got to me. I recommend this to all./joeparente

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Truly grotesque. I mean that in a good way. You paint a vivid picture, well done. A couple spots where you used 'than' rather than 'then', and some typos. It might be a good idea to have someone else proofread for you as it's hard to catch one's own errors. We wouldn't want you mysteriously disappearing now, would we?

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I appreciate the feedback and actually did have it edited...apparently we'd both be 'Typed-out' of the game!

Will give it another look over.

Than and then - apparently as elusive to me as the meaning of life!


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Hello all,

I really appreciate the feedback and being fairly new at putting my writing out before the general public, it means that much more.

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