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The Red Sword

Glorious Blade Von:
The Red Sword
They have held it for several years. The Glorious Blade Tournament. Held for the most skilled sword fighters in the whole City of Alys. The winner gets a legendary blade. A blade that will be five times more powerful, sturdier, and faster than the normal swords. It wasn't just a very powerful sword, it was also what Irelia wanted for all her life. She dreamed of the silver, magnificent blade every night. She dreamed of getting the chance to hold it...but she has a long way to go, and an unbreakable obstacle stands in her way from getting the blade...
Dor had started his blacksmith duties since he was a little child. He was natural at crafting and smelting metals together and always crafted the best of armor and weapons. But when a terrible incident happens to his arms, he felt that unique skill of his slipping away like water in opened hands. And when his life depended on the departure of that skill, Dor had only one choice to make...

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Glorious Blade"
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The Red Sword
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Ashon Thadon reads like a RPG..very good concept and idea....hope to see more in the series you starting

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Thanks, i will tell you when the next upd- oh the next update is now. :/

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