Late Last Night (Completed)

Serious grammatical errors. Read at own risk. Von:
User: kenzie
Late Last Night (Completed)

Completed. Needs editing. Being Rewritten


Okay so maybe I shouldn't have made a bet with the devil himself, I thought as I looked at the pool. My hands were covering my intimate parts, though that didn't hide much.
"Jump." the devil said. "You lost babe." He wiggled his eyebrows. From where he was in the pool he looked far away. But he was a fast swimmer. He'd reach me so fast I wouldn't know what's going on.
I took a deep breathe and jumped.
And maybe it was the alcohol that influenced me that night. But I do know that- I freezed my a** off.


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Late Last Night (Completed)
Serious grammatical errors. Read at own risk.
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Great Read! I look forward to reading the Spin off and also more from you! Thank you..

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Please can you make it available to download please

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omg im fan girling this was amazing please please write how their marrige turned out i would read it i would even read your grocery lists love youuuu

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