Top Heat Gas Grill

50 delicious recipes for high-temperature grilling: From burgers and venison dishes to salmon steaks, halloumi and desse Von:
Top Heat Gas Grill

"It's getting hot" with top heat - delicious grilling at 800 °C/1500 °F
Grilling doesn't have to take a long time and be complicated. Especially when you want to grill hot, nothing compares to a powerful high heat grill.

Quick and yet tasty:
Try out numerous, tasty recipe ideas. Conjure up the exact dishes that will impress your guests at your barbecue party, from stunning venison dishes all the way to vegetarian delicacies.


  • How about homemade spare ribs?
  • May it be an strawberry yogurt gin dessert?
  • Looking for tasty ideas for the classic T-bone steak?
  • Should it be for the little backyard party or "just a quick bite" from the grill for dinner?
  • ...or simply a fine fish dish from the top heat/high heat grill?

Order now and grill with full power at up to 800 °C/ 1500 °F!
In the past, charcoal grillers simply laughed at you if you didn't belong to them. Only a charcoal grill could guarantee the highest temperatures for the perfect grilling result. But those days are over: thanks to the top heat/high heat grill.

Fire up the grill, ready, go:

  • You can get all the ingredients in conventional supermarkets.
  • Meat, fish, vegetarian - it's all there.
  • Classics as well as out-of-the-ordinary dishes.
  • Vegetarian grilling? No problem - e.g. with the tasty feta dishes.
  • Barbecue fans, newcomers but also top heat veterans get their money's worth with this selection of recipes.


Start becoming a high heat griller today - because anything below 700 °C/1400 °F is just "warming up"...

Hot - Hotter - Top Heat!

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