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Angel of Mine

Angel of Mine
Jezebeth use to be human, once upon time. That era passed centuries ago, and now she’s the farthest thing from it. Walking amongst the mortals again, her new purpose in life is as a Succubus, a demon recruiter. Damning souls left and right, she tries to avoid him. But who is she to defy the will of an archangel, one who use to hold her heart.

Archangel Gabriel still sees Jezebeth’s face every time he closes his eyes. Five-hundred years since the last time he saw her and the pain is still as excruciating, as fresh as the first day. Now, the woman who carved her name into his very essence has returned from the fiery pits bellow, and he must do everything in his power to end her.

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Tears blurred my vision while I read this. I hope you win. This is such a very beautiful book

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H.Y Nept

This is a lovely story, your descriptions are vivid and I personally enjoyed it. I was looking for a book in the YW competition that deserved a vote and this one definitely does! Your cover drew me in but it was your writing that caught my attention. One thing, the flashbacks are slightly confusing although they do show the character's thoughts whirring through their mind. Maybe that was the desired effect? I did enjoy it though. Voted.

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Paper Planes

Sad! Poor Jeze! Poor Gabriel!

You wrote this really well. You have a good handle over spelling and grammar, although I did notice a few minor typos. The demon-angel thing has been done before, it's true, but you seemed to make it your own. You're definitely quite the talent :)

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