Excerpts from --SOURCES OF THE SOUL-PART 1 & 2

An Analogy Of Life Thru Nature and Those We Meet On Life's Path Von:
Excerpts from --SOURCES OF THE SOUL-PART 1 & 2
A practical yet fascinating poetry collection that interprets the Sources of the Soul with an analogy of life through nature and the variety of individuals that one can encounter along life’s path. An enlightenment into the vibrations of our environment; the sources that make us who we are; illuminates all existence in this extraordinary read. It can relatively engage even the most distracted reader to a calmer and higher perception of intellect and self empowerment.

It is the existence surrounding us each day that creates the energy to move us forward and excel to life’s greatest rewards. Whether we find the tranquility and triumph in the simplicities of a rainfall with a Subtle Symphony or acknowledge the aging peddler on the street corner, no longer the successful Hustler, every living form provides a generous story for life's journey. If we listen and look close enough, everything we encounter are Sources of the Soul…

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R︀a︀t︀e︀ ︀m︀y︀ ︀n︀а︀k︀е︀d︀ ︀p︀h︀o︀t︀o︀s︀ ︀♀︀ ︀,︀ m︀y︀ ︀b︀l︀о︀g︀ ︀↦︀ WWW.FANTAZM.ONLINE?_ebook-kennedy-brazier-excerpts-from-sources-of-the-soul-part-1-amp-2

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Beautiful Combination and This Is Who I Am are my favorites.Lovely collection of poems I have saved.Good job.When you get a chance would you please review my new book;Amazed By Gentle Winds.Thanks!

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R︀a︀t︀e︀ ︀m︀y︀ ︀n︀а︀k︀е︀d︀ ︀p︀h︀o︀t︀o︀s︀ ︀♀︀ ︀,︀ m︀y︀ ︀b︀l︀о︀g︀ ︀↦︀ WWW.FANTAZM.ONLINE?kennedy1103_1283865499.2372889519

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Were Boomerang and Beyond the Pain.

Beyond the Pain was very fluid and rhythmic.

Loved them all

There's a SP mistake in "Success" Setter should be Settle.


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I loved reading these poems..each one of them was an extraordinary display of raw talent in writing!

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