Days in the life.

Tales of Dominance and submission. Von:
User: K.L.White
Days in the life.

Dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.  Explore the very human yearnings and desires that cause some people to seek out what is, for them, a very real and palpable need.  Follow the characters as they learn of the joys and pains that exist at both ends of the leash.

 This book is one man's view of a certain kind of love, these are, for him and people like him, love stories and romantic sonnets.


 Come in and bathe in the world of D/s if you aren't afraid...


 Of the dark.

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thinks about going over what Morgan found. Good points she made.

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Why the dash behind welcome? I thought such dashes were used when the dialogue is interrupted by someone or something. I'd much rather it had a comma instead and 'said' written with a small letter.

...and then come back. Come needs to be in the past tense: came.

This must be me, but I can't picture- an incredible smile. Dazzling, beaming, sweet, seductive, glowing- yes but not incredible. Sorry.

...petite and somehow... I see it... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you for your critique, I'll take a look at them.

In answer to your first question, I have this.

A pair of em dashes can be used in place of commas to enhance readability. Note, however, that dashes are always more emphatic than commas.

And yet, when the car was finally... mehr anzeigen

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In the example above the em dashes are perfect. But in that bit of dialogue, I find them out of place because the woman wasn't interrupted in her speech. 'You're welcome' is a complete sentence. This link--no. 2 and 9-- might explain better what I mean:


Thank you!

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I'm going to write a few more stories for this. Plus I'm still editing, but it will go on sale soon.

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