Haunted Destiny

Haunted Destiny
Destiny Dove is the only survivor of a tragic car crash that killed her parents and baby brother. A teen uprooted from her home, she is forced to live with her eccentric grandmother whom Destiny has been taught her whole life to fear. She must start her life over living with an old woman who is not only a stranger to her, but just strange. All Destiny wants is to fit in with kids like her and begin to pull her life back together.
But Destiny soon discovers she is not like the other teens at all. She has developed the family gift of being able to see and talk to ghosts and her estranged grandmother will be the one person who can help her understand what the fates have dealt her…a haunted destiny. Being the town freak does not put Destiny high on the potential friends list, but Jake Turner sees something in her that the other teens from Blake High don’t. Destiny is actually able to put her unique talent to use and help Jake communicate with his recently deceased sister forming a bond between them that no one else can share or know about. In an extraordinary twist of events, Jake’s girlfriend Amy receives some furniture with some frightening ghostly spirits attached to it, and Jake turns to Destiny for help.
Now Destiny must struggle with a force she is unprepared to handle. When a party at Amy’s becomes a showdown between good and evil will Destiny have what it takes to save Amy and the others? Will the help of her grandmother, two resident ghosts and a surprise visitor be enough to rid the Morgan family of the evil possessing them and allow Destiny to finally gain the acceptance she so desperately wants? Or will the ancient evil destroy them all?

ghosts, spirits, haunted, destiny, medium
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This book is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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I have a feeling that Enya will turn out to be one of the ghosts that Destiny's going to have to communicate with as hinted at in the blurb. We won't know for sure unless we can find the full book somewhere because it's out of print. As such, Amazon only shows 1 copy available at $2475.00 (it better be autographed for that price)!!
I also learned that the author, Kelly Abell, has her own website, but the book's title was... mehr anzeigen

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I'm disappointed!! I came here expecting to read a free book, not excerpts from two different ones. On top of that, you further complicated matters by first ending Enya's tale (the preview story) on the same page as the start of Chapter 1 of "Haunted Destiny" and then telling us that we can BUY the complete "Haunted Destiny" book from heartsonfire.com. It's no wonder previous readers were confused and upset!!

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did was so lam and borin fix dis shit boiiiii goddamn jk it was sad and okay but weired ass fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i dont get why the prolouge is about her dying in a house fire with her drunken dad but then she wakes up with a nightmare and then says her mom and dad and brother dies in a car accident? explain that please? and i dont really like the fact that it was only 22 pages? whats up with that?

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